Core Lead Team

Mr. Dinesh Uttamrao Pethe
Founder cum Managing Director
Mr. Dinesh Uttamrao Pethe

A visionary hailing from a humble farmer family background, was born in 1978 in the quaint village of Jalalkhera, nestled on the confluence of the Wardha and Jam rivers in Nagpur district, Maharashtra. Dinesh Ji’s educational journey commenced with a science degree, followed by a D Pharmacy qualification. However, his thirst for knowledge and ambition knew no bounds, leading him to embark on an enriching journey through the corridors of marketing, culminating in an MBA. Concurrently, he ventured into the world of pharmaceuticals as a medical representative
In 1999, Dinesh Pethe began his career with Micro Labs, where he discovered his passion for nurturing relationships with physicians. He was not just passionate; he was unwaveringly committed to achieving his targets year after year. His in-clinic performance didn't just meet expectations; it soared above them, consistently earning him the coveted title of "Star Performer" for several years. For four consecutive years, he basked in the radiance of "Star Awards." His journey as a Medical Representative was merely a prologue to the saga that was yet to unfold.
The yearning to achieve something more significant, to make a mark beyond the confines of a regional role, was a relentless ember burning within him. Dinesh Pethe's dreams were colossal, fueled by an unyielding work ethic and an unshakable belief in his vision. His pivotal role as a Regional Manager for Molecule Pharmaceuticals covered the vast expanse of Vidarbha and Marathwada, but he envisioned a broader horizon.
Dinesh was industrious, driven by the dream to lead a pharmaceutical company that could bring innovative solutions and high-quality medicines to the market, all at an economical cost. In 2010, he took the bold step and birthed his brainchild, MaxRelief Pharmaceuticals. Initially, the company was dedicated to serving the needs of ENT specialists, but it didn't stop there.
The company's portfolio expanded organically to encompass the Ortho Segment, Neurology Segment, and even ventured into Nutraceuticals, aligning with the evolving healthcare landscape. Dinesh's aspirations extended beyond the horizons, and he embarked on a journey to create a company that echoed the values he held dear.

The Goal & Mission

His goal was monumental, aiming to achieve a turnover of 100 Crores in just five years, a feat that would signify the company's exponential growth. His vision encompassed spreading the essence of MaxRelief Pharmaceuticals to every corner of India and reaching out to the neighboring nations, providing innovative healthcare solutions that would touch lives.

The fascinating Personality

Dinesh Pethe embodied a unique set of traits in his journey, each playing a crucial role in his ascent. His smile, a beacon of warmth and amiability, was extended to everyone he encountered. His love for fieldwork, the trenches where the real battles are fought, was a testament to his dedication.

Mr. Dinesh Uttamrao Pethe
Chief – Strategy & Business
Mr. Biman Barua

Mr. Biman Barua is a distinguished legend in the Pharma Industry, boasting an impressive 40-year track record that speaks volumes about his prowess and acumen in the field. His journey from a Professional Service Officer at Pfizer to reaching the pinnacle of Sales, Marketing, and Training is a testament to his strategic brilliance and mastery of branding.
Academically, He holds a science degree and pursued post-graduation in Psychology, showcasing a unique blend of scientific understanding and human behavior insight. In his quest for excellence and a commitment to staying updated with evolving marketing scenarios, he earned the prestigious DBM and BDM qualifications from Narsee Monjee. Furthermore, he has embraced the digital Marketing realm by undertaking courses in Google and mastering the art of PR & Advertising. His dedication to continuous learning is undeniable.
Professionally, Mr. Barua's journey is nothing short of remarkable. He began his climb up the professional ladder at Pfizer, where he dedicated nearly two decades of his life. Throughout his career, he has made impactful contributions at renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Nicolas Piramal (now Abbott), Uni Sankyo, Gland Pharma, Biological E, JB Chemicals, Elan Pharma, etc. donning various leadership roles in Sales and Brand Management, including a significant position as General Manager. To deepen his understanding of the intricate world of prescription generation, he served as the Vice President of respected research firms CMARC and SMSRC. He even ventured into brand management and digital marketing at Ayurvedic and herbal OTC company Baidyanath.
As a testament to his marketing expertise, Mr. Barua served as a part-time visiting marketing lecturer at the esteemed Calcutta Business School. He also co-founded "Quest 4 Excellence," a learning hub dedicated to soft skills and personality development. It's clear that his commitment to personal and professional growth is unwavering.
Recently, Mr. Barua has joined our team as "Chief – Strategy & Business," and his impact has been nothing short of inspiring. He has brought with him a mantra that encapsulates his vision for MaxRelief Pharma: "Explore the Possibilities beyond boundaries." His strategic brilliance and brand mastery are the guiding lights that will illuminate the path toward a prosperous future for MaxRelief Pharma.